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We can do much more for you than just provide tools: Using our tried and tested expertise and keeping an eye on the bigger picture, we optimise your workflows, production and assembly processes and storage systems. We identify and minimise processes that do not add value and reduce your process costs. Optimised for Swiss SMEs, our software solutions help you achieve greater transparency, control and production capacity without having to make new investments. Altogether this means: "Tools. Next level". Discover our comprehensive service portfolio — for your benefit.

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Digitalisation & industry 4.0

Digital data plays a crucial role in optimising processes. However, it is still all too rarely accessed, analysed and transformed into valuable information. Use your data and increase production capacity in your manufacturing processes.

Lean Management

Our lean approach helps to improve your business processes in a managed, consistent and sustainable way. To this end we ensure that all levels are integrated, from strategy to corporate culture unlocking all the potential for optimisation.

Procurement and management solutions

As a single-source supplier, we minimise the total cost of your tool and MRO procurement using our integral tool management method. We offer tool management "as a service". This means you can focus on your core business while we take care of the rest.

Watch industry & micromechanics

For customers in the watchmaking industry and micromechanics, Brütsch/Rüegger Tools has developed an exclusive range of tools with over 10,000 items from around 220 manufacturers and a comprehensive consultation and service offering.

Medical technology

Our manufacturing expertise guarantees customised solutions to reduce the manufacturing costs of your medical devices. We methodically identify all potential for improvement along your value chain and optimise how your MRO needs are managed. The spectrum ranges from productivity gains through optimised machining strategies, more efficient use of tools, digitalisation and streamlining of your processes, to outsourcing of business processes that do not add value.

Measurement technology

With a measurement technology range of over 40,000 products, we can deliver the optimal solution for every task. On top of that, we also provide comprehensive and customised services. Our Quality Control software solution ensures that measurement data can be tracked and managed to increase production quality and to comply with requirements around documentation.

Production technology

Working with your employees on the machine, our application specialists help to reduce process costs and processing times, increase service life and process reliability and increase production capacity. Our Shopfloor software solution is used to collect and prepare production data to measure and increase production efficiency (OEE) for optimal utilisation of overall potential.

Assembly technology

This is where you will find manual and power tools, shop equipment and all workshop maintenance, right through to small machines with the corresponding range of services and training. Our Worker Instruction software solution is used to instruct on, test and log assembly processes in an interactive way. When used with ergonomic and modular assembly workstations or production lines in accordance with the Lean Management principle, even small assembly batches can be completed flexibly, efficiently and safely.

Standard and drawing parts, joining techniques

With a huge range of standard parts for making injection moulds and stamping tools at their disposal, as well as technical components for general machine building and apparatus construction, we help our customers gain significant cost benefits.

Personal protective equipment

Fashionable personal protective equipment! Our impressive range of personal protective equipment is made of lightweight, modern and non-irritant materials, yet still offers high functionality and protective performance. Comfort is the key to ensuring that protective equipment is actually worn and protects against injury.

Standard range

We meet all your MRO requirements with the largest range on the market and flexible special procurement. The key statistics: over 300,000 stocked tools and technical components from over 1,000 brands and more than 2,200 supplier partners. All this with a delivery capacity of 99% and a same-day delivery service. If the order is received by 16.00 CET, we will deliver on site in Europe within 24 hours and worldwide within 48 hours.

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Manufacturers' ranges

Benefit from the comprehensive range from well-known manufacturers far in excess of half a million items. Enter a search term or browse the range on the site; it is just as simple and convenient as it is with our regular range.

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Watch range

Our current range includes well over 10,000 items from more than 220 manufacturers. For decades, customers in the watchmaking industry and microtechnology have relied on our comprehensive range of professional tools, maintenance materials and operating equipment.

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FUTURO – Performance loves perfection

Over 20 years of passion and innovation in the tool industry have gone into FUTURO. FUTURO is synonymous with maximum precision and first-rate quality. Optimised for use in tool and mould making, mechanical engineering, medical technology, the automotive and aerospace industries. We work together with leading manufacturers to develop FUTURO premium tools exclusively for our customers.

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FUTURO Connected – Our platform for intelligent tools

Are you ready for a digital working environment? FUTURO connected tools certainly are. The tools, measuring and testing equipment from this series can be fully integrated in Industry 4.0 environments. The additional functions of the intelligent technology offer many benefits during production, maintenance and service.

FUTURO Connected Tools

FUTURO Connected App

NERIOX – Your smartest choice

Functional industry quality at attractive prices. For anyone who wants to get the best out of themselves and their work, our professional tools are the smart choice:

  • We develop NERIOX tools to meet your exact needs
  • The fresh design emphasises the demand for the best industry quality
  • Comprehensive tool services for the product

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About us

Founded in 1877 and already managed by the fourth generation of the family, Brütsch/Rüegger Tools is your partner for quality and innovation.

As an internationally active trading and service company for industrial customers, Brütsch/Rüegger Tools has a full range of over 300,000 tools and technical components in stock – from over 1,000 brands and more than 2,200 suppliers. As a pioneer in the digitalisation of procurement processes, our service portfolio also includes a wide range of consulting services in the areas of lean management, tool logistics, outsourcing of procurement and logistics processes and Industry 4.0 solutions.

Our ToolCenter offers an outstanding service in Switzerland with a delivery readiness of almost 100% on stock items and with a sensational delivery speed "ordered by 5.30 pm, in the house the next morning" – Europe-wide we manage this in 24h, worldwide in 48h. Internationally active companies also benefit from the top logistics of our export department – and that in an "all-round carefree package". In our ToolStore – the specialist tool shop with the largest range of quality tools in Switzerland – we are happy to welcome you personally in Urdorf from Monday to Friday.

This is "Tools. Next Level." Contact us for an individual consultation.