Work clothing and labelling service

Custom printed, embroidered or with a personalised label

Having the company name or logo on workwear is a given nowadays. A uniform look across every department of a company makes a significant contribution to the positive image. Both outwardly and inwardly. Employees who feel comfortable in their second skin are also happy and motivated workers.

Workwear – a walking advertisement

Marking is a very innovative means of personalising and enhancing the appearance of textiles. This is because a custom motif or logo is a major enhancement for textiles and it lends a certain something. Shirts and T-shirts are by no means all that you can have marked. There is a large selection of textiles that you can have embroidered, e.g. shirts, T-shirts, caps, trousers, safety clothing, and more. In truth you can customise just about any textile.

Quick and simple

The item of clothing is picked first and then it has to be decided which option is most suitable for personalising your garment. Here you have the choice between printing, embroidering and by label. The logo or motif is designed and delivered. Then your item of clothing is personalised and with your within just a few days.

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