Poor hygiene can quickly cost a lot of money

How you can save money with the right hygiene concept in your company.

Why it is essential to maintain good hygiene in the workplace

Poor hygiene at your company premises can lead to high unplanned costs. If hygiene requirements are neglected, viruses, fungi and bacteria will inevitably spread quickly and easily around the site.

The result:

Your employees become ill and are unable to perform their tasks. On average, the costs associated with employee absence amount to between CHF 600 and CHF 1000 per day (source: Swiss Federal Coordination Commission for Occupational Safety [FCOS]). Most companies have to factor in losing around 10% of workdays per year to illness (source: SUVA). More than half of these absence days could be prevented by introducing a better hygiene concept

Making more of an effort in terms of hygiene pays for itself within the first year.

Arrange a free hygiene check for at your company premises:

  • Finding the right hygiene concept can be overwhelming for companies.
  • Our specialists can help you to determine the best products and measures.
  • After a guided tour of the premises taking just one hour, we will be able to provide some initial starting points and highlight areas of potential improvement.
  • We will analyse the situation at your premises.
  • We will uncover any potential risks.
  • We will offer recommendations on how to act.
  • We will offer skilled support during your next steps.
  • Your personalised, free hygiene check — one hour that pays off!

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We will be happy to help you find the right hygiene concept for your company. 

Any effort to improve company hygiene pays for itself within the first year. An investment worth making!
Tobias Gafner
Deputy Head Business Unit Protection Equipment
Brütsch/Rüegger Tools

Fun facts about hygiene

How clean are our everyday lives?

Because ties are almost never washed, they carry more germs than your toilet.

Mould and bacteria canbe found in almost half of all refrigerators.

62% of men and 40% of women do not wash their hands after using the toilet.

40% of people wait for three weeks or more before changing their bed linen.

One in twenty men only change their underwear once a week. Only 62% change their underwear daily.

One in four handbags is a safety risk because of the bacteria it houses.

25% of kitchen cloths and towels are used for far too long and carry E. coli bacteria.

One in eight people never cleans their smartphone or, at most, sometimes wipes it on their trousers.

How clean are our everyday lives? (Source: WHO/World Hand Hygiene Day)

Disinfection plan for industrial premises, offices and workshops

Download the plan as a PDF— free of charge

We offer our customers support, no matter what the hygiene requirements are at their company, including: Hygiene inspections, creating individual hygiene concepts, developing disinfection plans, customer-specific solutions for disinfectant dispensers, employee training and workshops on hygiene and disinfection as well as comprehensive hygiene checks. You can download an example disinfection plan in advance, which has been created especially for companies in the industry.

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