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Statistics from the Swiss Federal Accident Insurance Act (UVG) show that in 2021, 16.7 percent (CHF 247.8 million) of the ongoing expenses for all accidents in Switzerland were related to the foot and lower leg. For this reason, wearing safety shoes is mandatory in many occupations and industries. 

The requirements for safety shoes are as diverse as the range of models on offer. Previously, the protective features of the shoes were the overall deciding factor.

The shoes should counteract the risk of accidents and injuries caused by mechanical, chemical and thermal hazards.

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Today, safety shoes have to meet various requirements. Choose the right model with the help of our expert advice.
Tobias Gafner
Deputy Head Business Unit Protection Equipment
Brütsch/Rüegger Tools

Comfort and design are key factors for employee acceptance

Nowadays, it is taken as given that the shoes will provide appropriate safety features that users can completely rely upon. Comfort, ergonomics, convenience and, above all, an attractive design have instead become key factors. There is no use having the best safety shoes if the employees choose not to wear them, either because they don't like them or the shoes don't fit. Brütsch/Rüegger Tools offers occupational safety shoes from a range of leading brands, meaning there is something to meet practically any requirement.

You will find the following brands in our range of products:

A large selection complemented by complete service

At Brütsch/Rüegger Tools you will find a large selection of models in the different protection classes, together with the right design for every fit and to suit every taste. The result: Employees are happy to wear the shoes, meaning they are reliably protected against all hazards that can occur in day-to-day work.

Our offering is perfectly complemented by a service that fits as well as the shoes. What Brütsch/Rüegger Tools offers you:

Expert advice from our own, qualified occupational safety experts — directly at your company on request

Custom solutions to meet specific requirements, such as shoes bearing the company logo

Short delivery times and 24-hour express service thanks to our own ToolCenter logistics centre from Urdorf

What do safety shoes protect against?

The specific type of foot protection required depends on the hazards that can occur at the workplace. For this reason, safety shoes, protective shoes and occupational shoes come in a wide range of designs.

Depending on the model and protection class, they provide protective features against:

Mechanical hazards caused by falling objects and pointed or sharp objects lying on the floor, such as nails, metal chips and shards

Thermal hazards such as cold, heat, flying sparks, liquid metal, hot water and steam

Chemical hazards such as acids, alkalis, solvents, fuels, cleaning agents and coolants

Electrical hazards due to live equipment or electric shocks as a result of electrostatic charges

Other hazards such as slipping, tripping, rolling an ankle

Good to know — tips for choosing the right shoes

Choosing suitable foot protection depends on the foreseeable hazards and where the shoes will be used. Employees are more likely to wear the shoes if they are involved in selecting a suitable pair from the offset. It is not just a case of the shoes withstanding foreseeable stresses — fit, ergonomics and comfort are also important. Not every shoe fits every foot.

When deciding, the following criteria should be taken into account:

Criteria for selecting occupational safety shoes

Choosing the right safety shoes can be very complex and time-consuming. Our tip: Take advantage of the expert advice on offer. This saves a lot of effort, time and prevents issues with poorly fitting, restrictive shoes.

Directly on site, in the ToolShop or in the web shop

We are happy to organise one- to two-week sample exhibitions featuring selected models at your company. This allows each employee to choose the right shoes at any time during their shift in a convenient, stress-free manner.

You will also find expert advice and a large selection of models at our ToolStore in Urdorf. We look forward to your visit!

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