Quality policy

01 Enterprise

  • We are committed to a flat, simple structure with clear and logical processes
  • All processes are consistently catered to customer requirements
  • What makes our employees stand out is that they identify strongly with the company and show unwavering commitment
  • Each member of staff contributes towards continuous improvement of the business
  • Regular training and further education is conducted to deepen the expertise we require

02 Suppliers

  • We strive to maintain a lasting and cooperative relationship with our suppliers
  • Sustainable relationships with first-rate producers are a key factor in meeting the high expectations of our customers

03 Customers

  • Our customers are at the focus of all these considerations and actions
  • Our performance on the market is consistently oriented to the needs and requirements of our customers
  • The combination of trust, mutual appreciation, satisfaction and the highest degree of quality is a guarantee for shared success

04 Other stakeholders

  • As a company we share some responsibility for preserving the environment.
  • Core environmental values and legislation have a guiding influence on what we do
  • We run our business with care and do our utmost to fully appreciate and conserve resources