CIP — "Workshop of the Future" relies on Hive Digital Suite

A focus on modern workshop life


AtelierDéfi is a micro-workshop that is unique to Switzerland and showcases digitalisation and networking in precision machining (bar turning). It has been developed with state-of-the-art hardware and software by a dozen efficient and dedicated partners from the region. The demonstration workshop is equipped with several modules for efficient and practical use-case applications.

The "Workshop of the Future" provides a discussion, education and testing platform for the watchmaking industry, medical engineering industry, automotive suppliers and other regional manufacturing companies. In this Industry 4.0 demo workshop, micro-technicians not only discover the latest developments in industrial connectivity, but also benefit from advice, inspiration and hands-on training programmes designed to meet the needs of this industry which is unique worldwide.

With a series of networked demo modules, the workshop is an innovative and inspiring hands-on learning platform for all those involved in the digitalisation of production.
Loïc Châtelain
Strategic Account Manager, watchmaking industry
Brütsch/Rüegger Tools

Support in the digitalisation of micro-technology

As a long-standing partner in the watchmaking and medical industries, Brütsch/Rüegger Tools coordinated all facilities and provided its own software and hardware for the creation of this micro-technology ecosystem: In addition to the ToolBox system for intralogistics, the entire system architecture is based on the Hive Digital Suite with the Shopfloor, Inventory and Quality Control modules. The latest measuring instruments from QMT and Sylvac, sold by us, have also been installed. All processes are fully integrated and flexibly expandable. This way, the workshop can always be kept up to date with the latest technological developments.


  • Demo workshop
    Learn about the developments in the field of industrial networking including demonstrations under real conditions. 
  • Test workshop
    Consultation and developments based on individual needs in the area of networking. 
  • Workshop with development capability
    Overview of a networked workshop designed according to the requirements of turned-parts manufacturers.
  • Enhancing the value of precision machining jobs
    Attractive presentation of the current and future turned-parts industry at school visits.


  • Presentation of current and future industrial manufacturing solutions. Further development of the technological future by precision machining specialists.
  • Discussion and testing platform for regional industry partners interested in the development of digitalisation for production equipment in the turned-parts industry.
  • Promote and enhance the value of the precision machining profession for students, parents and teachers.

CIP Technologie

The CIP Technologie institute is dedicated to hands-on further education, vocational training, research and development and corporate consulting with a focus on machining and mechanics in micro-technology. The institute is a partner of the AFDT (Association des Fabricants de Décolletages et de Taillages).

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