Save time and money on site.

We offer maintenance and servicing on site to go alongside our products. We provide our service regardless of the brand, which means that everything is handled by one single partner, thereby reducing downtimes of the measurement tools to a minimum. This saves time and money. 

Other advantages of our on-site service:

  • The impact on the availability of your measurement tools is minimal
  • The periodic maintenance intervals are fixed
  • Your measurement tools are always ready for use and of high quality
  • The calibration certificates provided are traceable

Our service technicians are trained by the manufacturers and are therefore authorised service providers.

We maintain and recalibrate the following measurement and auxiliary tools on site:

  • Vertical length measuring instruments
  • Horizontal length measuring instruments
  • Measurement and observation microscopes
  • Profile projectors
  • Horizontal measuring instruments
  • Hard stone plates
  • Contour measuring instruments
  • MECMESIN test systems (maintenance only)

We check the condition and the exact functionality of your measuring instruments. By replacing wear parts and carrying out preventative repair measures, you can increase the service life of your measuring instruments, prevent unplanned downtimes and ensure compliance with the accuracy specifications.
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