Medical technology: Optimising procurement processes – with «Purchasing Excellence»

Bespoke solutions for the strategic and operational purchasing processes of our medical technology customers.

The purchasing departments of medical technology companies are constantly facing new challenges, particularly when it comes to procuring indirect materials.  

Brütsch/Rüegger Tools is well aware of these challenges and offers innovative solutions to make purchasing processes more efficient.  

This saves time and money and helps to ease the high cost pressures in the industry. 

At a glance

Our services available for your purchasing department in the Purchasing Excellence bundle  

  • Less time spent on daily business operations  
  • Easier procurement of indirect materials (MRO)  
  • Reduced process costs  
  • Digitalisation of existing processes   
  • Focus on strategic tasks and goals

With our Purchasing Excellence service package, we improve medical technology purchasing processes and reduce costs.
Andreas Schneider​
Strategic Account Manager​ Medical Technology​
Brütsch/Rüegger Tools​

Procurement challenges

In the dynamic world of medical technology, companies face a variety of procurement challenges. From high cost pressures to supply security to increasing quality requirements — the complexity is constantly increasing. We understand these challenges and offer targeted support to make your purchasing organisation more efficient, agile and streamlined.  

With Purchasing Excellence, we help you to master the procurement challenges in medical technology efficiently and purposefully:

Minimise cost pressures
Efficient procurement solutions to reduce financial pressures.

Guarantee supply security
Improve adherence to delivery dates to ensure a reliable supply.

Increase quality standards
Get support in meeting increased quality requirements through validated processes and MDR compliance.

C supplier management
Optimise the supply chain through effective management of a range of C suppliers.

Reduce administrative effort
Reduce the administrative effort associated with the purchasing process.

Prevent maverick buying
Prevent uncontrolled purchasing through centralised and efficient procurement strategies.

We achieve this with Purchasing Excellence

With our Purchasing Excellence bundle, we optimise your purchasing organisation for the procurement of indirect materials (MRO).  We help you to digitalise processes or realign your existing processes. This saves you valuable time in your daily business operations.   

Strategic tasks and goals are brought back into focus and process costs are reduced.

With our Purchasing Excellence service package, we digitalise and optimise your purchasing processes, reduce costs and facilitate access to products and logistics.

Efficient processes for MedTech companies: Faster, easier, fully digital

We offer effective, proven medical technology solutions for progressive digitalisation along the entire supply chain.

Digital transformation
Accelerate your business processes with bespoke e-business solutions.

Wide and extensive product set
Use our ToolShop for direct access to a range of over 300,000 items from leading manufacturers.

Logistics optimisation
Benefit from an intelligent tool logistics supply solution available around the clock for your MRO requirements.

Reduce complexity
Simplify your procurement strategy with reliable single sourcing.

Process outsourcing
Strengthen your competitiveness by outsourcing and integrating your MRO processes.

What can we do for you?

Do you place the highest value on quality and functionality in the manufacture of medical components? Take advantage of our know-how and expertise to realise the highest quality standards. In combination with our knowledge and experience in medical technology, we understand your needs and requirements very precisely. This enables us to provide you with optimum advice and work with you to develop the best solutions.

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