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Specialist seminar with high technical expertise

In the adhesive, torque and electrical measurement technology divisions

We provide a modern infrastructure with training and demo rooms for seminars and workshops. Training sessions can also be held at the customer's premises, complete with demo devices.

"The secure screw connection"

One training session that is particular in demand is our one-day specialist seminar "The secure screw connection". Anyone that works with connection technology knows that the unspectacular process of screwing comes with lots of responsibility. A screw connection malfunction can have catastrophic effects. And these generally involve high consequential costs and damage to your reputation.

This seminar is aimed at screw connection users from the workshop, construction, QA, assembly, process owners and more. The seminar conveys basic connection technology knowledge using practical examples. Furthermore, attendees learn about securing connection elements in theoretical and practical lessons. In the afternoon, we look at the topics of assembly processes and selecting the right tool for the job – again using theoretical and practical examples.

Other specialist seminars offered are:

  • "Bonding and sealing in machinery and plant engineering"

  • Measurement course: "Electrical plants and electrical devices"