High-quality foam trays for optimum workplace organisation.


Consultation at your premises, scanning at ours

We take your tools and special tools to our premises in Urdorf where they are recorded by our fixed scanners and ideally processed on the computer for the later production of the foam trays.


Consultation and scanning at your premises

If your tool needs to be permanently available on site, we come to you with our mobile Shadowboard scanner and record the tools on site.


Training by us, scanning by you

Purchasing a Shadowboard scanner can be the most economic solution in few applications. The Shadowboard scanner package includes the light panel in the robust and portable
case, digital camera, software and an introduction training session (approx. 2 hours) at your premises. Independent scanning is an ideal task with responsibility for learners.

Tidiness and cleanliness at the workplace at necessary for working quickly and safely. Reduced search effort and fewer tool losses are important steps towards reducing costs. Our Shadowboards allow you to ensure tidiness in tool caddies, on the machine or in the case during assembly.

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