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At the forefront of efficiency with lean management

Our lean approach is used to improve your company processes in a guided, consistent and continuous manner. To do so, we integrate every level – from strategy through to company culture. This allows us to tap all potential for optimisation. In addition to consultation, conception and implementation, we also provide intensive training in lean production in the LeanFactory and in the learning centre for ergonomics and workplace design. Lean management is the route to quickly and flexibly fulfilling customer wishes whilst increasing profitability at the same time.

The objective

  • Zero-defects culture ("the learning factory")
  • Lean, flowing, timed processes
  • User-controlled material supply
  • Optimised process and workplace design
  • Reduce waste and prevent it long-term
  • Increase efficiency

The recipe for success

  • Potential analysis of every division of the company
  • Value stream and video analysis
  • Implementation concept including plant development planning and workplace design
  • Calculation of resource and material requirements
  • Simulation and verification with the aid of test rigs
  • Invitations to tender
  • Installing the new workplaces and production lines
  • Introduction and assistance for staff members at go-live
  • Supervision and optimisation up to the defined service capability
  • Employee training for:
    - Shop floor management
    - 5S & visual management
    - SMED, equipment and setup optimisation
Lean management brochure - only german
Lean management includes tried-and-tested methods to sustainably increase productivity and consistently eliminate waste. Efficient, lean processes, small batch sizes, standardised work processes and optimised logistics result in an outstanding level of service provision from your company and increased customer benefit. Find out more in our brochure about lean management.
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