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Your Industry 4.0 solution for maximum profitability

With Jellix, you gain complete transparency when it comes to your production. You can access currently process data – such as a target/actual comparison, machine statuses and material and tool inventories – at any time, wherever you are. Jellix does not just collect all available data relating to your production, but also uses it to calculate the relevant key figures and performance data for different organisational units. The company management, production management and machine users therefore always have access to valuable information, which they can use to make decisions and optimisations in their area of activity.

Up to 20% increase in productivity

The quickest way to Industry 4.0

Jellix is quick and easy to
install, network and commission. Jellix provides you with:

  • Automated target/actual comparisons
  • An evaluations of the overall plant effectiveness
  • Detailed information about machine downtimes
  • Error analyses supported by data
  • Optimised productivity

Jellix's performance is based on four software modules:


The dashboard gives you an up-to-date overview of the most important key figures at any time, wherever you are. Transparency at a glance: availability, performance and quality, as well as order data and material inventories.


The employee responsible can view important information directly on site on a mobile device. This means that he doesn't have to sit down at a computer to start with – Jellix is fully integrated into the workflow.


Using barcodes/RFID, workpieces are tracked throughout the entire production process. This means that production errors can be traced back precisely and you know the step in which and the machine on which the problem arose.


Based on the Brütsch/Rüegger Tools ToolBox systems, Jellix integrates intelligent and efficient tool and equipment planning. This results in a reduction in consumption, stock value and tool type variety.


Keep up to date about machine occupation and the progress of current productions orders at any time — in real time! Comprehensive monitoring by comparing planned and actual data. Optimal flexibility thanks to early detection of foreseeable bottlenecks and delayed deliveries, and subsequent redistribution of production orders.


With management solutions such as vending machines, production-relevant and safety-relevant items can be made available 24/7 in a controlled manner on a self-service basis. Individual items are reordered automatically when a defined remaining quantity is reached.